Making the Laptop Disappear: Moving to Seamless Integration

Howard Levin, The Urban School of San Francisco, Director of Technology

Howard Levin is Director of Technology at The Urban School of San Francisco. Prior to Urban, he served as history chair and teacher at the Overlake School of Redmond, WA, as well as Assistant Head of the Jewish Day School in Bellevue, WA. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Howard also has authored articles in ISTE’s Leading and Learning with Technology and is a frequent presenter at national education conferences. His work with Telling Their Stories: Oral History Archives Project resulted in a NAIS Leading Edge Award in Technology for Urban. Howard holds a MA.Ed from the University of Washington. More information available at

What happens when we integrate technology throughout the curriculum?
This presentation explores a series of paradigm shifts in schools resulting from changes in technology in general, and the impact of laptops in particular. What happens in schools when laptop use becomes seamless, ubiquitous and normal? What implications does this hold for schools and the learning process? What are teachers and students able to do that was not possible in the past? Examples will be used throughout to demonstrate concepts and these will include: interactive white boards in language and math, audio sharing in language, history and English, collaborative clay animation in science, publishing student work in history, impact of home access to high-end math, science and digital media software, and more.

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