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From Aaleena

From Keli‘i

From Tehani

FROM ‘Ōhawai

From Hinatea ❤️

From Raime:

Mahalo ‘Ōhawai

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  1. Dear Kahu Ann!
    My name is Joy.
    My name means happiness.
    My nicknames are Joy Joy and Joyful.
    My mom and dad named me Joy because when I was born their hearts were filled with joy. Yes, I am like the meaning of my name because I am a happy person.


  2. Dear Kahu Ann,
    My name is Kalista.
    My name means most beautiful one.
    My nicknames are Titi, Kali, and Tootie-Frootie.
    My mom and dad got my name from a clothing line in the Mainland when they went on a trip, and they really liked the name. Yes, I am the meaning of my name because on the inside I am beautiful and I am nice to people and I am caring.

  3. Kaylee is the name that my eldest brother gave me because he thought it was a sweet name, lol but they got me
    Tehani is my Tahitian name that means My Love which my stepmom Vai gave me
    Kamalani is from my eldest sister and it means Child of Heaven
    Barnard is my dads last name
    Kalamau is my moms maiden name and it means Always Forgiven

    My most common nick name is BabyBaby because I am the youngest

    I guess I am like the meanings of my names because I am sweet, forgiving, a child of heaven, and I love my family and they love me

  4. hi kahu ann,
    my name is kylee and it means boomarang in aborigini… i got my name beacause my parents liked the sound of it and “lee” at the end i got from my grandma fonda from Donnalee and rose from my other grandma whos middle name is rose. i dont think i am like a boomarang.

  5. Hi Kahu Ann,
    My name is La’akea and it means sacred light in hawaiian. My nickname is La’a. I got my name because when I was a baby I made everyone around me happy, like a bright light. I don’t think I’m like this name but I like it.

  6. Well, I searched up my first name, and all I found was that my name means, “from the Fairy Place.” Then I searched up my hawaiian name and Kanani means, beautiful; the beauty; the glory. I really like my name, now that I know what it means. Thank you Kahu Ann for giving me this activity worksheet. I’m so fortunate to have this special name. I will continue to communicate with God. Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Dear Kahu Ann,
    My name is Kobi and my name means supplanter, held by the heel. What does that mean, i know it means somehthing important because God named me that but what is the meaning. I already know what my middle name means though, it means star.

    Thank You so much. 🙂

  8. Hi Kahu Ann,
    My name is Brende but my Hawaiian name is Lokelani I decided to use my hawaiian name because I couldn’t find a meaning of my first name. But Lokelani means heavenly rose. I am really glad I have this Hawaiian name because it has such a beautiful meaning. I got my Hawaiian name from my grandma because that was also her Hawaiian name. Thank you Kahu Ann.

  9. Hi Brende,

    When you love God and love others, it’s like a sweet heavenly rose! <3 Kahu Ann

  10. Dear Kahu Ann,
    My name Emily means industrious. My middle name, Ka‘ānelamakamae means precious angel. My nicknames are Sweet-Pea, Em, and Emzy. I got the name Emily because my dad thought that it sounded pretty. The name Ka‘ānelamakamae was given to me by my mom because she thought that it sounded pretty too. I think I am like Emily because I try to work hard in everything I do. I also think I am like the name Ka‘ānelamakamae because I am kind and sweet. Ever since you told me and my classmates about the story of your name, I truly believe that God has named each and every one of us for a special reason. Thank You! 🙂

  11. Aloha e Emily,

    I love your mana‘o. Mahalo for sharing the meaning of your names with us. I am blessed! Kahu Ann

  12. Hi Kahu Ann ,
    I looked up my first middle name, Faye, and I found out that in French it means fairy and in Spanish and old English it means faith. I was named Faye after my Puna whose middle name is also Faye. I really like the meanings of my name.

  13. Aloha Kahu Ann,

    My name is Alexis and it means strong and independent my mom gave me that name because she wanted me to be exactly like it and,I am a strong independent girl my middle name “Kuupuaimohala” means “my flower about to bloom” and im like my name kuupuaimohala, because I am a flower thats about to bloom into a strong woman

  14. Wow Alexis, I love your mana‘o. Mahalo for sharing the meanings of your beautiful names! I agree, you are like your name. <3 Kahu Ann

  15. Aloha Kahu Ann,
    My name is Cassidy Nakinilehua Masako Kaniho. My nicknames are Cass, Cassie, and Cass Cass. Cassidy is an Irish name. It has many meanings. Cassidy can mean love, twisted lock of hair, clever, sly, curly-headed, and red hair freckled face. My parents gave me the name ‘Cassidy’ because my grandmother on my mom’s side is really proud to be Irish, so my mom wanted to honor my Irish ethnicity by giving me an Irish name. My mom also chose this name for me because of the meaning ‘clever’ and ‘sly.’ My middle name(s), Nakinilehua Masako, is of Hawaiian and Japanese origin. Nakinilehua means ‘the multitude of lehua blossoms,’ and Masako means ‘clever’ or ‘honest.’ Together, Nakinilehua Masako means ‘a container full of lehua blossoms.’ My parents meant that each lehua blossom in the container had a different good quality trait, like clever, honest, sweet, etc. They wanted me to have those good qualities. My parents gave me this middle name because of their very sweet and obedient German Sheperd, Kini, who died a couple months before I was born. (NaKINIlehua)

  16. Dear Kahu Ann,
    Instead of writing it I will list it
    First name:Emma-complete,whole, entire, and unierval
    Hwaiian Name:Kameaiomakamae-the truly precious one
    Nick names:Emmie, M&M, Kimy, Mea, Ka`amea
    DO I like name:I love my both of my Names because God gave me that name. I know that there is nobody like me that has my names and has my way of thinking of my name. My name tells me that Out of all of the people on earth, I am one of a kind.
    Got It:I got my hawaiian name because when I was born, my mom said that was precious because I was her last child. I got my other name…well I don’t know why but all I know is that I was named after someone on my mom’s side.
    Love Kamea Kim

  17. Hi Kahu,

    Name: Leah- sister of Rachel; wife of Jacob
    Hawaiian: Keikilani- child from Heaven
    Nicknames: Lei, Lele and Keiki
    I got my name because my older sisters name is Rachel. My mom wanted me to have a Biblical name.
    Yes, because I am the sister of Rachel but, I’m not the wife of Jacob. :$

  18. Dear kahu,

    I am Makana Kanaiaupuni. I am a fifth grader in 202. My name Makana means gift.
    My nicknames: Mackie, Macaroni and Mack. I was given that name from my mother because I was a gift from Heaven to them. Yes, I am just like the meaning of my name. I am a gift to my family and my friends. 🙂

  19. Dear Kahu Ann,
    My name is Christopher.
    It means “Christ bearer” or “of Christ”.
    My Hawaiian name is Ka’eo.
    It means “the Victor” or “Victorious one”
    My name Christopher was given to me by my mom and dad, because they always wanted me to carry Jesus Christ in my heart.
    I got my Hawaiian name Ka’eo because my dad wanted me to do well in things, like sports and school.
    Yes, I am like my names because I always carry Jesus in my heart and I can be competitive in sports and try to do well in school.
    Chris Lum

  20. Aloha Kahu Ann,
    My name is Taylor Leanui Magalei. I had to look up what my first name was and turns out that Taylor means ” to cut “. I think this is like how Abraham had to cut Isaac so that God could make sure that Abraham loves God more than Isaac. My middle name, Leanui, means ” very joyful ” I think I am like my middle name because I like to on the positive side of things and love to laugh. My nicknames are Tay, TayTay, and Taylo. I love my name because I know God gave it to me.

  21. Dear Kahu Ann,
    My first name is Tanner. My parents chose my name before they looked at thee definition and it actually is a person who tans animal pelts!But I don’t have any nick names that anyone calls me. I got my name because my parents liked the name. They got it from their friend named Tanner. I’m not like the meaning of my name. Thank you for reading this.

    Tanner Young

  22. kahu ann,
    my name: aslan
    my nicknames: azie,alan, asikins, couskinz (given to me by my cousin carina).
    my first name meaning: my dad really loved CS lewis’s cronicles of narnia (in your room on the book shelf.). my dad wanted me to have a name after christ. Aslan was like the God character of the book, and each day my dad prays that i will live up to my namesake as the lion. so far, I m doing my best!

  23. Aloha Kahu Ann,
    My middle name Koa, means that I’m brave,strong,curious,and I’m a warrior. Some nicknames people call me is KoKo,Koa Tree and maybe more! The main reason my parents called me Koa is that they love me and they think that i will protect and love them FOREVER :)! I’m so the meaning of my name because i love to do strange and dangourus stunts…like a Dare Devil. LOL, Thx for taking your time to read this!

    Mahalo, Koa

  24. Hi Kahu Ann,
    My name is Jordyn. I got my name because my parents wanted all J’s (Jordyn,Justin,Jeanine,Jerry) and they liked the name Jordyn. The dyn is named after my aunty who I didnt really get to meet. My middle name Aiko is from my great grandma and my other middle name Nalani means hevenly chiled. My parents named me that because I was named after my other great grandmother who I also didnt get to meet.

    Love Jordyn

  25. Hi Kahu Ann,
    May I please get your e-mail adress or phone number (cell) so I can communicate with you about my absences in Jr.Chaple.
    Sorry for not coming but I have a good explenation.
    Thanks for your coporation.
    Jordyn 8P <3

  26. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul and your dreams will come true”.
    That’s my favorite saying and I believe that its true.
    Jordyn <3

  27. Hi kahu Ann my name is Michael it means who is like God?The reason I got this name is because its my dads name.
    from Michael

  28. Hi Jordyn,

    Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” <3! Kahu Ann

  29. My first name, Brent, means a steep hill. Not sure if I can relate it to God, but if I tried I’d say its how high my trust is for Him.

  30. Hey Kahu Ann,
    My name is Chloe it means blooming. Everyone call me
    Chlo or mr wich should really be ms. Well bye I
    Look forward to seeing u soon;)

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