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  1. I just watched the video/verse 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18 Wrong for wrong
    it was really good better then the first

  2. I watched ” The Fruit of the Spirit is not a coconut ” It tells you what the fruit of the spirit is but its not a fruit.

  3. Hi Kahu Ann. I bought a journal that has a scripture on the cover and I thought it was really interesting.

    Faith, Hope, Love, the greatest of these is Love.
    1 Corinthians 13:13

    I thought this meant that you can have faith and hope in the Lord, but the greatest one to have is Love for Him. OR it could mean that Faith and Hope could be how human beings are and Love could be God and Jesus. Because they are the Greatest ones of all.

  4. Thank you for encouraging me to memorize all the books of the bible. And for best Christian Education teacher ever. I am thankful for you. And for God blessing you to teach others about him.

  5. Alohilani, you bless me with your faithful attendance and your desire to serve God and others. I am so thrilled as I watch you grow stronger in our Lord. Maika‘i loa! <3! Kahu Ann

  6. Hey Kahu,
    I tried to do my Devotions from your blog. It was great. You have so many great things on this blog. You are the light in KES.

  7. Hey Kahu, Thank you for telling me to go on the blog for my Devotions. You were right it is alot of fun. You are amazing!!!

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