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  1. I bring my bible on trips so I can read it on the plane ride. Or, If we have a car trip I will read it in the car.

  2. Hi Kahu Ann I finished my first day of reading (out of the 17 days) the bible. I hope that something good will come out of this I will keep you posted.

  3. Dear Kahu Ann,

    Maika’i No!!!!! Kahu Ann. I loved the interview with Colton. It was great video. It was the best!!!

  4. Hi Kahu,
    my cousins love God…can you put on more kid videos for them that they can understand…PLEASE?
    Love and mahalo,
    Kayla Kahawai

  5. A Real Cowboy Video, VOID, Drop the “I”, Elijah Video and Heaven Is For Real Interview With Colten are all my favorites because they all have a special meaning. A Real Cowboy Video, teaches us that He will always understand. VOID, you can put a lot of things in your life, but if you don’t have God in your life you won’t be so happy and lively. Drop the “I”, we can’t live for ourselves, we must have TRUE Love in our lives. Elijah Video, It teaches about how God is a Jealous God, He does not like us going to other Gods and He will fight to get us back. Heaven Is For Real Interview With Colten, it shows a little boys journey to heaven and back. But I think that it was a message from God. He wants everyone to know that He is there, and He is waiting for us.

  6. Hi Kahu I Just finished watching the struggle and triumph video i just love how the saw a community and I feel even if your disabled there is nothing stoping you but there is someone and something always watching you and that is God the Holy Spirit

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