Songs – Student Suggestions

From Hinatea ❤️

Mahalo ‘Ōhawai

From Rycen:

Evolution of Worship Music from Kahu Ann

From Benaiah:

From Hayzin:

From Kainoa:

From Nāleah:

From Kyra-Leigh:

From Kūha‘o:

From Rhiley:

From Jenna:

From Naleah and Shyla:

From Chapel Team:

From Junior Chapel Team:

From Shyla:

From Megan:

From Malia K:

From Chloe:

From: Keanu, Seth, Ka‘ihau:

From Caleb:

From Lauren:

From Avery:

From Selah:

From Shane:

From Selah:

From a  KES kumu

From Zyan:

From Lauren:

From Selah:

From Seth:

From Malia:

From Lauren:

From Selah:

From Naleah:

From Jayden:

From Mehana:

From Shaye:

From Timoteo

From Shyla

From Alex

From Kayla

From Jayden:

From Avery:

From Kalima:

From ‘Alohi

From Mehana

From Junior Chapel Team

From Alyssa

From Alexa

From Kahu Ann

From EJ

God Girl from Daphne

Waterfall by Chris Tomlin from EJ

After the Music Stops by Lecrae from EJ

Songs from Zachary Lorenzo, former Chapel Team member 2013-2014

Traditional Hawaiian Naming Practices

“In the early days of Hawai‘i, personal possessions were few, but highly valued. Poi pounders, woven mats, a man’s malo or loin cloth, the stone adze of a canoe maker, the bone hooks of a fisherman, the spear of a warrior – all these were prized. But even more precious was each man’s most personal possession, his name.” (Source:  Nänä I Ke Kumu Volume I, p. 94)

inoa, naming and self-concept

“A Hawaiian name might tell the place and conditions of birth, reveal family lineage, an ancestor’s occupation and particular mana. Inoa might also define social distinctions. . .

Whatever the meaning behind the inoa. . .the name itself had mana; the name itself might bear a kapu. Both could play a part in shaping the character, personality – even the fate and fortunes – of the bearer!” (Source:  Nänä I Ke KumuVolume II, p. 290)

Examples of Ali‘i Names:

“Pauahi (Bernice Pauahi’s aunt, the sister of her mother Konia) – When Aunt Pauahi was just a baby, she was rescued from a fire. Because of that incident, she was given the name Pauahi. In Hawaiian, pua means ‘finish’ and ahi means ‘fire.’ Pauahi means ‘destroyed by fire, burned; to put out a fire.”‘ (Source:  Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop by Julie Stewart Williams, p.3)

“Lili‘u Kamaka‘eha (Bernice Pauahi’s hänai sister) – Lili‘uokaokalani was born on September 2, 1838, to the High Chief Caesar Kapa‘akea and High Chiefess Keohokälole. She was named Lili‘u (Smarting) Kamaka‘eha (The Sore Eye). It may seem as if the baby had an eye problem when she was born but this was not so. The high Chiefess Kïna‘u, who gave Lili‘u her name, was the one with the sore eye. Besides Lili‘u Kamaka‘eha, her Christian name was Lydia, a name given her at her baptism. It was not until years later that she was called Lili‘uokalani.” (Source:  Lili‘uokalani by Ruby Hawegawa Lowe, p. 3)

“Kaleleonälani – the Flight of the Heavenly Chiefs – name given to Queen Emma after the death of her husband, King Alexander Liholiho Kamehameha IV.” (Source:  Emma, Hawai‘i’s Remarkable Queen by George S. Kanahele)


133 thoughts on “Songs – Student Suggestions

  1. My Hawaiian name is Maikalimanuiheolapono, which means from Limanui comes a righteous life. Limanui refers to God (Limanui – great/large hands), is my Hawaiian ancestors’ last name “Limanui”, and also my Sāmoan grandpa was Tagii”Lima”. Timoteo is Sāmoan and the same as Hawaiian Kimokeo, which means Timothy. Timothy means to honor God.

  2. The song “I Want You” By Christina Brown (New Hope) Is so fun and upbeat. The meaning of it is very powerful and energetic.

  3. Can you please put on…
    1. Undivided-By Hannah Kerr
    2. Never Been A Moment-By Micah Tyler
    3. Thy Will-By Hillary Scott & The Scott Family
    4. Sparrows-By Jason Gray
    5. Echo-By Blanca
    6. Different Drum-By Blanca
    7. You Make Me Brave-New Hope Oahu version
    8. Every Prayer-New Hope Oahu version (Jana and Jewl)

  4. Can you please put on…
    1. Undivided-By Hannah Kerr
    2. Never Been A Moment-By Micah Tyler
    3. Thy Will-By Hillary Scott & The Scott Family
    4. Echo-By Blanca
    5. Different Drum-By Blanca
    6. You Make Me Brave-New Hope Oahu version
    7. Every Prayer-New Hope Oahu version (Jana and Jewl)
    8. Send Us Out- By New Hope Oahu
    9. Press On- By Building 429

  5. E kala mai Selah. I finally put all of your songs under the Song Suggestion page. Love every song – share at the retreat for next year! <3! Kahu

  6. I love no backing down because it talks about how now she is gonna not back down in Jesus. Good Choice Chapel Team!

  7. My middle name is, “Kawailani” and it means The Heavenly Waters. My dad chose my middle name.

  8. My Hawaiian Name is very Long and most people just shorten it by Keala. and Also I have a song suggestions and I will share them with you.

  9. My Hawaiian name is Leialohaokalani. My mom told me it means ‘lei of love from heaven.’

  10. Hey Kahu Ann! This is Jenna. A song that I suggest is, I Just Need You by TobyMac. This song is really inspirational and explains how we need God in our lives in an apology letter to God. Thank You!

  11. Hi kahu ann I have another song request:tell your heart to beat again by danny gokey

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