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  1. I have been listening to a few songs that are soooo awesome!!!!! The first song is Oceans by Hillsong and it talks about keeping your head high through all the struggles and still following what God wants us to do. The second song is called How Sweet the Sound by Citizens way.

  2. Kahu Ann,
    I tried to listen to oceans but it didnʻt load and it took a really long time. Is there something wrong?

  3. I heard that Carrie Underwood and her husband love Jesus. Joy in Jesus! Kahu Ann

  4. Kahu Ann, hope you’re having a good summer… so far. Just checking in, hope you are doing good. Talk to me on my email if you want, I’ll be checking. Miss ya.


  5. Hi Trever,

    I am at school finishing up on reports and getting my room ready to become the Summer School Office. Keep reading your devos. God is with you and never stops loving you. Joy in Jesus! Kahu Ann

  6. Hi Kahu Ann, it’s Trever. Just checking in again. I’m not quite the person to understand my email yet, so I warn you that this is going to be long blog.

    It’s hard to believe that I had finished my elementary years two weeks ago, and I am going to start summer school in about a week from now. The first couple of days were rought, trying to get over the fact that I wasn’t going to see you as I often do at school. But I kind of got used to the break. Which is a good and bad thing

    I want to tving right now. I’m going to start off with my family.

    My father is bush at work, as usual. Mom is on break with me, and sister gets off tomorrow

  7. Hi Trever,

    You’re doing fine. You are entering a new season in your life, as we all do. The best part is that you are not alone. The Lord is with you! 1 John 4:4. BTW, congratulations on the yearbook cover and mana‘o. Maika‘i loa! Seeking Him with all of my heart! Kahu Ann

  8. Yeah, God is moving in your life, calling you to draw closer to Him. He loves you! Share with me what God is teaching you. <3! Kahu Ann

  9. Hi Kahu Ann,
    It’s amazing how fast this year has past. I can’t believe ill be in seventh grade soon. I just wanted to share with you that I really love the song “How he loves”. it’s so inspiring. anyways, hope you’re having a great summer!

  10. Hi Chloe! So good to hear from you. Yes, He loves us more than we know. Keep basking in His amazing love. That will keep you close to Him. <3! Kahu Ann

  11. There’s a great song called oh Mary don’t u weep I heard it on the American bible challenge (ps the one I like is is the remix )

  12. Hi kahu. I was praying and then a light shined in the room. I knew that god was with me.

  13. Hi kahu check out the show American bible challenge if You can. Aloha and see you next year. Ps on Maui and forgot to bring bible

  14. Aloha e Hiilei,

    You can read your Bible online! I will check out the challenge. Keep sending me your recommendations. <3! Kahu Ann

  15. Hey Kahu Ann. Hope you are doing well. I was just wondering when I could talk to you in person sometime soon. I am becoming good friends with Mrs. Vannatta, and I can really feel God’s glory shining in her, as I always saw in you. As much as how badly I want to see you again, I can’t quite cross over to Elementary unless I have some sort of pass, which I am still trying to work out.

    I’m still trying to do my devotions, pray to God, and not drift away, which so far, is going really good. I hope to see you soon.


    (P.S. How many people are in the Chapel Team this year?)

  16. Hi Trever, praying for you guys! Email me at, instead of on the blog. Maika’i no! Keep seeking Jesus! Chapel Team has 26 members. Blessings! Kahu Ann

  17. I love all this songs about God, it really inspires me to get closer to God. Love God! 🙂 😉

  18. I listened to Gods Not Dead 5 times in the last two days. Me and Alohi are praying for junior chapel team.

  19. Mahalo nui loa! I will tell them tomorrow morning when we practice early in the morning at the Chapel. <3! Kahu Ann

  20. Hi Kahu Ann,

    just wanted to check in, see how you are doing this summer. istarted my youth classes by windward mall at Mana Fitness on monday’s and wednesdays. In one week I am starting karate lessons on teusdays and thursdays. In church we are studying the testament- finally.

  21. Aloha e Maia, So good to hear from you. Mahalo for checking in with me and for sharing what is happening in your life and how you are growing in Christ! I’m looking forward to seeing all of the haumana. I miss you all! Keep in touch. <3! Kahu Ann

  22. No, I added it for the kindergarten because weʻre learning about God creating everything. Glad you liked it! <3! Kahu

  23. Kahu Ann,
    Thank you so much for making this blog! It helps me learn so much about Jesus and God!

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