11/2/12 A


1)  Narrative Writing Evaluation:  Read the narrative story and answer the evaluation question on the back and highlight interesting words or phrases.

  • Use this to help you to think about how you can incorporate some of these writing strategies into your own writing.
  • There may be some unfamiliar words, so take a moment to look them up so you can better understand the author’s story.
  • Read through the narrative at least 2 times to get a better idea of the writer’s point of view and the ideas she is trying to communicate.

In aspiring to be a better writer, it helps to read other people’s work.

2)  Reading Plus

3) Humane Society Community Service Project!!  Our goal is 100% participation!  Class of 2019…you’ll be together for 7 years!!  You’re already off to a vibrant start!!  It’s an honor to be able to serve…Let’s do it 2019!!!

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