Prayer or Pule is such a special privilege that we have been given. This video is a short mana‘o about what prayer is. Watch it and comment about any wonders, connections, questions, or other mana‘o you may have.

Think about these questions:

  • Is there only one way to pray?
  • Do I have to sound a certain way when I pray?
  • What’s the difference between praying with or for a group and myself? Is there a difference?
  • Is there are certain way to close a prayer?
  • What do you notice?


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52 Responses to Prayer

  1. Mia Ayat says:

    What I learned about praying is you can pray any where you are. And you always half to love Jesus because he knew us when we weren’t even born yet.

  2. Taliya says:

    I think that prayer is important because it let’s us talk to God. Also because we get to ask him for help and protection.

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