5th Grade Mana’o


We recently learned what wisdom really looks like in action.  It is the ability to figure out between what is pono and pono‘ole and making that pono choice or decision.  God gives us wisdom when we humbly ask for it.  Having a high respect and relationship with God is where wisdom starts because He shows us His ways to follow.  Real wisdom is when we actually follow.

Please watch the video below. Answer the following questions in the comments.

  1. Why do you think the albatross was given the name “Wisdom”?
  2. What are your wonders, feelings, or connections to our lesson on wisdom and this video?
  3. How is being wise a benefit to you and others around you?


“What Do You Think?”- 3/12/15

Read the scriptures below from the book of Job.  Comment about what this tells you about God.  What connections do you make?  Observing is a very important skill.  How does this connect to that?  Kuana’ike is also valuable.  Is there a connection?

Job 12:7-10

But ask the animals what God does.
    They will teach you.
Or ask the birds in the sky.
    They will tell you.
Or speak to the earth. It will teach you.
    Or let the fish in the ocean educate you.
Are there any of these creatures that don’t know
    what the powerful hand of the Lord has done?
He holds the life of every creature in his hand.
    He controls the breath of every human being.



Please search and read the thinglink below and leave a comment. Do you agree or disagree and why? Could we add to this list? If so, what would you add? We discussed that we all have a role or kuleana in our own families. We also learned what that kuleana is from God’s kuana’ike or perspective. Be sure your comment has at least three sentences.

Comments are due by next week Monday, November 10.

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