E Kūpa‘a No Nā Kau a Kau

September ‘Ekalesia 2017

Our first ‘Ekalesia was blessed and God’s mana‘o to us was to stand firm in all seasons. This means to have faith, trust in God,and do what’s Pono even when we are right in the middle of a challenging time. Like the ‘ulu tree that has fruit all year round, we too must produce good “fruit” or have good actions all year round even when it may be difficult to do so. The key is knowing that with God, anything is possible. We are not perfect and we will fail. We will make mistakes. It is how we become better and bless others, with God’s strength, through those mistakes and challenges that determines or kūpa‘a! God bless each of us to have the courage, faith, trust, and aloha in times of trials and even in times of triumph.

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