Jesus is Baptized

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What is your mana’o about today’s lesson when we learned about Jesus getting baptized?  How do you feel about God making a way for us to “start over”?  Do you have any wonderings or connections or further thought questions? Post your mana’o in the comments.

43 Responses to Jesus is Baptized

  1. Brayden 4a says:

    I feel thankful that we can have a chance to start over because we can have a chance to forget all of your sins and start a new life again.

  2. shcalina says:

    I am also very thankful for baptism and Jesus, Brayden!

  3. Dominic 4A says:

    I am glad Jesus was baptized to show that this isn’t weird. I also thank him to give everyone a chance to wash away their sins. He also gave us a chance to live new lives without our sins.

  4. Serenity says:

    I feel magnificent to even be here but if Jesus wasn’t baptized then what will we have.Yes, we will have food and water but we all made thousands of mistakes . Our life’s could’ve been different, all you will see is just darkness. But we got God a special person that watches over us.Let him decide what is going to happen, if not make that another sin.

  5. Isaiah says:

    I like how Jesus can give us a other chance

  6. Wyatt says:

    Now I want to get baptized and in that joden river because I have a lot of sines to get off my ches.

  7. Wyatt says:

    Now I want to get baptized so all my sines away and I want to be baptized in the Jordan river.

  8. Kalia says:

    I am thankful because when we get baptized it’ll wash are sins away and we can start a whole new life.

  9. Kalia says:

    I feel blessed because when we get baptized we can start a whole new worl.

  10. Kalia says:


  11. Tehani says:

    I feel very blessed to be able to get rid of the bad things that I did throughout my lifetime, and start over by doing pono things every day. If I were to get baptized, I’d think most of the cleaning is done by me because I would be willing to trust in God and forgive myself for sinning.

  12. Isabella 4a says:

    I feel thankful that God is giving us this opportunity to start over and God shows that he truly does love us.

  13. Kahiau says:

    I think it’s cool that God will give you another chance because if you did something bad you have another chance.

  14. Ethan says:

    I’m glad because we can be forgiven for our sins and start over with Jesus.

  15. Kalissa Leslie says:

    I feel grateful for being able to start over, because it is then we can recognize what we did wrong and find out how we are able to be better.

  16. Kaoiwi says:

    I feel really happy that we can start over when we want to.

  17. I feel good because the path that God made, we can follow it.

  18. Lucas Godoy says:

    I feel happy when we have another chance to start over whenever.

  19. Keanu says:

    I’m glad that Jesus got baptized he showed everyone that it wasn’t weird. Maybe people thought that it was only for the people who had sins. Jesus has no sins so why did he get baptized. He got baptized to be an example to everyone.

  20. Damien says:

    I felt glad to always know that I can have a refresh and start again.

  21. Brian says:

    I feel Released under the pressure of my sin

  22. Shazlan says:

    I feel happy that we got baptized so we can wash away our sins and start
    A new life. We can redo what we did wrong and redo it better.

  23. Kekainalu says:

    I think it’s great that we can start again with Jesus to put behind our sins.

  24. Kalukalani 4A says:

    I feel it’s important that we can restart. Also we can live with Jesus Christ and the Lord.

  25. Zion says:

    I feel happy because people could restart or refresh theirselves.

  26. Chayden 4B says:

    I think it is good because it wash away all your sins and also you get to have a new life.

  27. Kahele4B says:

    I think it’s nice because hes giving us a chance to put the bad stuff behind us, and wash away our sins.

  28. Vaitea says:

    I thank the lord for giving us/me a second chance to read the paipala every day and pray to him and to ask him for forgiveness.

  29. Nylessia says:

    I feel thankful we get to follow the path that good made.

  30. Nylessia says:

    I feel thankful that we get to follow the path that God made.

  31. Liwai says:

    I think it’s a good thing to get baptized because it gives you another chance and gets rid of all the bad things you did or sins.

  32. Ailani says:

    I think that it’s important to have an opportunity to wash away your sins. It’s not a good thing to be ok with your sins to just stick with you.

  33. Cadence 4B says:

    I feel happy that God made a way to start a new life by getting baptized.

  34. John 4B emoji says:

    I feel thankful that God and Jesus let start over when we are baptized because we don’t have to carry the burden of guilt anymore. When we are baptized, are soul is cleared.

  35. Skye 4B says:

    I feel grateful because we get a second chance to do the good instead of the bad a forget the bad we did.

  36. Skye 4B says:

    I feel grateful because we get a second chance to do the good instead of the bad a forget the bad things we did.

  37. Makamae says:

    I am very thankful that we all get a 2nd chance.

  38. Lucas 4b says:

    I feel awesome because God can give us another chance with all our sins washed away. I also think it is good because we can become a nicer version of who we were.

  39. Reece 4B says:

    I feel good because God is giving us another chance to fix our mistakes and to take our sins away.

  40. Aukahi 4B says:

    I’m thankful that God gives us ways to get rid of our sins because nobody is perfect.

  41. Connor says:

    I think it is a good thing that is that he gives us a second chance.

  42. Malachi Thornton-Fukui says:

    I’m thankful that Jesus got baptized because he opened the hevavens and took away our sins

  43. Rhian says:

    I bet John felt surprised when Jesus wanted him to baptize him!

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