Recently the 5th graders had a lesson on friendship. We discussed what a true friendship looks like and how Jesus showed the ultimate example of friendship when He laid His own life down for us all.  Jesus is not asking us to do the exact same thing as He did, but He is asking us to be a better friend who is not selfish. We are supposed to be a friend that doesn’t make the other person feel bad about themselves or who does not bully or influence others to do pono’ole things. We are to love at all times (Proverbs 17:17). We examined how to be a friend, what kind of friend each us are, and what type of friends we have. At the start of our lesson, students paired off and needed to help each other sit down, and get back up while arms were locked! Not an easy thing to do. Lots of laughter filled the classroom, but it also showed us how sometimes we want to give up, not let the other person have their way, or complain when things get hard. It also showed us that when there’s good team work, awesome things can get done. Friendship is much like that!

So, 5th graders, have you made any changes? What kind of friend are you and what type of friend would you like to become?

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