What is LOVE?

0924120903 from Shonnie Calina on Vimeo.

0914120855 from Shonnie Calina on Vimeo.

Robert showing his love card. from Shonnie Calina on Vimeo.

Recently the 3rd graders learned about a very important Fruit of the Spirit called love. We learned that not only is love very important to our pilina with God and others, but we also learned that love or aloha is an action. It’s more than a word or feeling, but it is something that we do, something that we show. Students shared that they can show aloha by caring for others, not being selfish, but by being kind and respectful. They also said that showing love or doing love is being thankful, not complaining about everything, and being able to forgive. We also were reminded of how huge and unchangeable God’s love is for us.
In their activity, students made a “Love Card”, that will connect two large paper clips by pulling on both ends of their folded card. It’s a great reminder that in order to build pilina, we must put love into action!

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