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Everyone Counts, Everyone Matters! Teaming to Thrive!

The 5B FISH! swam straight into Lumi Kaunånå (Hawaiian for Place of Discovery) today!  The lab morphed into a real place of discovery by just adding students!  The haumåna (students) were given the mission of becoming newscasters and creating a … Continue reading

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I Wonder? How Does a Green Screen Work

http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/how-does-a-green-screen-work/ Hey Students, Now that you have been exploring with the Do Ink app and using the green screens to create fabulous reports, did you ever “WONDER” how it works?  Click on the link above to watch a short video … Continue reading

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App-Solutely Smashing!

http:// Click the video above to check out the 5B FISH! as they learn about current events from the Hawaii Tribune Hearld.  They are also practicing their public speaking as well as working on their “techie” skills as they use … Continue reading

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