“We Got Game, We Got Millionaires!!!”

The 5B FISH! Milliionaires!

“You gotta be kidding me?!?, Thatʻs a LOT of words!, How will I do that?, Sheʻs cray cray!” These were the thoughts running through many of the studentsʻ minds as way back in August it was announced that reading ONE MILLION words were a requirement!

Well…meet the newly minted 5B FISH! MILLIONAIRES!! Each of the above students have met the Year End One Million word goal…2nd trimester hasnʻt even ended. Go figure, MINDSET MATTERS!! Changing the mindset = Changing the trajectory! You can find your mark if you move!

These are some of the things they did to accomplish this year end goal EARLY…SUPER EARLY: Extended their reading time & pushing themselves…haha, a comment even was made that they read in the bath tub. (No not assigned, but by student choice).

Book selection was the key…pick one that you like & can make a personal connection or relate to, setting little goals by pages read may help, and donʻt judge a book by the number of pages it has-judge the story!! Reading the first chapter and the synopsis in the back is always helpful. It will help you to make a better judgement for yourself.

The haumāna share manaʻo & suggestions for every team member to become Mega rich Millionaires: 1) You need a POSITIVE MINDSET 2) Stay on task while reading-Be Hoʻo Nanalu (Putting Meta into action) and check yourself. 3)Look for a quiet spot for yourself-sometimes isolation is good. 4) Ohana that cheers you on. 5)The Key: Believe! To Achieve! To Succeed! Keep on Swimming kaʻu iʻa! It CAN BE DONE!

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