5B FISH! Learn at Laehala

Click on our video to “swim” with us at Laehala…

Our huaka’i to Laehala was a fabulous journey of learning! We learned and participated in the process of weaving with lauhala. We began by observing the hala tree in its natural elements and how it grows and gather fallen leaves to start our journey of weaving.

The students were blessed to have a master weaver Anake Ulu (who is Kumu Melissa’s Mom) sharing her ‘ike every step of the way. The students learned to strip, clean, flatten, & roll the lauhala as weavers must do. This process needed dedication, determination, & much perseverance in order to weave. It also enables them to make the connection to our annual capstone project Makawalu, as it takes the same to prepare, plan, and present at the end of the year.

Mahalo Kumu Melissa for sharing her journey of learning weaving with us and for planning the best experience for everyone! Priceless! Let the wonderful learning continue…stay tuned for more!

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