Ohana Alert for the Week of Dec. 4-8

Alakaʻi Justice, Mia, & Emma take charge!

December is in full swing now…wanted to share a gentle reminder with everyone that our class blog is quite active and a great way to see what the 5B FISH! are up to!  I humbly ask that ohana 5B check it out…at least once a week to see how the FISH! Are swimming! :). If you check the blog at least once a week, youʻll be up to speed to see all the latest happenings.  **TIP:  When checking the blog, scroll through older posts until you get to the one you last saw, to not miss any :).  Its a great way to know whatʻs coming up, deadlines, due dates, or just a great conversation starter at home.  Mahalo to the ohana who check it out more than once a week, many mention how they check DAILY!  We welcome everyone to leave comments too!  Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo!

Mon., Dec. 4-Day 4-Rotation 2:  Mr. Kudo will again be joining us for a guidance lesson during morning meeting today.  Genius Hour Inquiry project due today at the end of the school day.  Time will be given in class to finalize projects!  Many hours of class time was already dedicated to this project!  Canʻt wait to see the creativity on sharing your new ʻike!

Tues., Dec. 5-Day 5: 5B Ohana Pilina Luncheon for 12 families :).

Wed., Dec. 6: Dress Rehearsal for Christmas Concert

Fri., Dec. 8: Ekalesia today, dress whites mandatory.  Please avoid uniform write ups by getting special attire ready :). Christmas concert @ 6:00pm.  Papa ʻElima call time is @ 5:30pm.  Join us to hear students sing like angels and cheer on our own 5B Mistresses of Ceremony Caylee and Leigh Ann!

**HEADS UP:  Project Kahiau video due on Fri., Dec. 15…5th graders can make a difference in our world!  Mahalo to ohana for supporting this effort to help our keiki learn about kahiau!  Due dates were also previously posted.  See older post for more info. 

Newscasting to share ʻike!

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