Walter WOWing the World!

imageThe WOW writing saga continues…As you know, Walter chose to take Mrs. Angela Maiers’ challenge to become a WOW (Worth of the World) writer.  The class has been adding up all the possible views from our Twitter feed, all the people who could have read Walter’s great poem about Pele, the Goddess of Fire.  So far, 202,000+ possible views!  Check out the previous post to read about his journey to WOWness in his own words.

Here’s the latest…click on the link below to see Mrs. Maiers’ thoughts!  She WOW’d us by writing a blog post on her blog about Walter’s story!  With ha’aha’a, Walter is thrilled…and his fellow FISH! are so happy for him! They cheer everytime he updates the possible view count!   Congrats Walter on a job well done….to ka’u i’a…congrats on being a great supportive team!  Continue to swim strong in everything you do!


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