Angela Maiers Inspires W.O.W. Walter!

IMG_1250The 5B FISH! had the privilege to have teacher/international motivational speaker Angela Maiers join us a few weeks ago imageto share her message of  “You Matter” and “Being Worthy of the World.”  She encouraged everyone to be W.O.W. writers!  To share their passion with the world…she shared her belief and can do attitude, even calling her friend, Mr. Casas (a Principal and published author) to share his writing journey with all of us!  He shared his vulnerability and in turn, it made us wiwoʻole (courageous)! To hoʻomau…to persevere!   Ms. Maiers had so much belief in the 5B FISH! that she even even promised to put their W.O.W. writing on her blog!  That excited everyone!



Well, Walter sure took that challenge to heart with his poetry assignment.  Students researched their one hānau (their birth place, strong family connection) and were motivated to learn more about the place where their ohana (family) connects to.  Walter used his research on his hometown of Volcano,Hawaiʻi and showcased his poetic talents about Pele, The Volcano Goddess.

image image

Walter worked extremely hard to research facts & create the following poem.  He even passed on recess to revise it, to get it “just right!”  Check out his thoughts using the “WriteAbout” app on Ms. Maiersʻ visit and how it impacted & challenged him to become a lifelong W.O.W. writer!  Inspiration to last a lifetime!  Great job, Walter! And….a hui hou, Angela Maiers…until we meet again!

Walterʻs WOW Poem

Walterʻs WOW Poem


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