A Week In the Life of FISH! March Madness!

Kyraʻs mole!  You crack me up! :)

Kyraʻs mole! You crack me up! 🙂

Our week began…

Our Trimester #2 Awards assembly was held at Lunalilo Hale on Mon., April 11th!  Congrats to Tab, Keawe, & Travis for attaining the Principalʻs level of achievement…They received the Principalʻs Honor Roll certificate by earning a GPA of 3.50 or higher with no Mʻs or Uʻs in any subject.  New goal…Headmasterʻs Honor Roll?? 🙂  (Headmasterʻs Honor Roll is 4.00 or perfect Eʻs!)  Come on all 24 Kaʻu Iʻa…swim strong and go for it! 🙂

We “Flipped” our classroom…Remember our past post on what a flipped class is?  Well, we did…we had to modify it a bit because a true flipped class would watch the video or lesson at home, we couldnʻt take iPads home… so, we pretended we were home watching the lesson and the next day, students brought their questions and practiced in class.  From the initial walk arounds, the students understand the measuring angles concept as well as love the “flipped” concept.  They want to “flip out” again! 🙂

Students all wore jeans today…we practiced evacuating the bus in case of emergency.  The students know that it is better to be safe than sorry and are well- prepared!  The day is not over yet…let alone the week!  The students participated in “Make Your Mark” by showing their creative sides on the sidewalk!  Check out our video….and the week is only 1/2 done!  Phewww!

A Week In the Life of FISH! March Madness!.


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