Educreation to Energy Creations….

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 9.37.21 PMThe 5th graders are taking full advantage of piloting the iPads in the classroom.  We have “flipped out” on math angles (stay tuned for the posting, it takes me awhile to figure out how to get it on our blog), created the 1st ever eProgressfolios in our class to share with ohana at Student-Led conferences, and tried out various apps to enhance our learning!  The students even got a chance to use their iPads in Specials under the guidance of Ms. Richardson in technology and Mrs. Chang in Science & even in the library with Kumu Kanani.  Click on the links below to see how they used the Educreation app to show what they know about how energy is made in Science. Go team Go!
Mahalo to Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Chang, Mrs. Cordeiro, Kumu Kanani, & Mrs. Hara for the invaluable dialogue and the constant assistance to help me learn along the way too! The students continue to show what they know by leading tutorials in class in their app area of expertise! Stay tuned for more “iPad Pilot Breaking News!”
**NOTE: Hereʻs an example of me trying to catch up with technology…I donʻt know how to make the above links “click on” links, you might have to copy and paste it in order to view until I ask for assistance from one of the pros listed above! Bear with me as I try to “swim” my way into the 21st century!

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