Ohana Alert for the Week of Jan. 5-6

Welcome back!  Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing time with your ohana and that you have fond memories of 2011!  Here’s what’s coming up for the 2 day week:

Thursday, Jan. 5:  Day 6- Special visitor on campus, Dr. Michael Thompson, will be visiting our classroom at 8:30am.  He will be joining our morning meeting. 🙂  He will also be our keynote speaker at our Ohana Summit that begins at 6:00pm-7:30pm.  If you haven’t signed up with Kumu Marcie yet for this, please contact her by phone or email or go to the Kula Ha’aha’a website for more information.

Friday, Jan. 6: Day 1- Students: FISH! discussion on How we can “Make the Day” of our Big Island Troops who faithfully and loyally serve our country.  As we enjoyed our holidays with family and friends…they served their country overseas.  We will be brainstorming ways to send our ALOHA to all of them.  Be thinking of ideas for this discussion.

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