FISH! Food For Thought! Dr. Thompson

Dr. Michael Thompson

Aloha Mai Kakou!

Hope you had a great time listening and learning and sharing your mana’o with Dr. Thompson today about friendship and popularity.  I know he gave you all many things to think about in his talk.  Share your mana’o on his “talk story” session.  Before you hit send…stop to ponder, be thoughtful, double check that what you wrote is clear to all & it tells what you have learned, what you thought of his talk, & what you will try or put into action after listening to him.  You should share a personal connection you made to what he shared.  Your comment must be a paragraph minimum, but no more than 2 paragraphs.  I am excited to read your mana’o.  Don’t forget to share with your ohana and remind them that the Ohana Summit begins at 6:00pm at the dining hall.

The FISH! of 5B & Dr. Thompson

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