Weeblies…Kapālama Seniors Share Their Expertise on Cancer

The Seniors in Mr. Culley’s Human Anatomy Class at Kapālama are sure learning a lot!  They are sharing their learning in the best way possible…they are teaching others.  Us!  Who’d ever think that the best buddies for 5th graders would be 12th graders!  Mr. Culley’s students were given the task to create a edmodo of a specific type of cancer to teach us about it.  Check out their links and learn along with us.  The sites are so full of helpful information, are well thought out, interactive & interesting, and fun!  Who knows what our buddies’ future hold…maybe a future teacher, a webmaster, a doctor, or a scientist that finds the cure for cancer.  The world is their oyster!

Here are the links:


I’m impressed!  Mahalo nui to Mr. Culley, the amazing Seniors of Kapālama, and our very own best techie, Mrs. Stack for providing the 5B FISH! Philosophers a wonderful learning experience. I’m learning tons too! (Hoping to get a photo of our Big Buddies and Mr. Culley for ohana to see, but couldn’t hold back on posting this.   Stay tuned!   Students and Ohana: Are you impressed?  Share your thoughts on all of this learning going on!

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