Calling All FISH! Philosophers…Step Up!

What is the pono thing to do? We ask ourselves that same question everyday for many reasons. Our na’au tells us all the time, do we always listen? As we learned in guidance class & from our reading homework “Bullying: It’s Against the Law!”, there are ways to stop bullying in our world. As FISH! Philosophers, we learned that we all can make a difference if we “Choose Our Attitude, Be Present, Play, and go out a Make Someone’s Day.” Bullying can happen in school, at extra-curricular activities, at sporting events, in our community, and in our world…how do we plan to stop it? Let’s “STEP UP!”

1) Share your mana’o on the video AND 2) One thing that you plan to do to make a positive difference in our world? Hand in Hand, We Can!

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