Historical Skypeing Adventure with Kapālama

Sykpeing with our Big Buddies!

This was a HISTORIC day at Kamehameha Schools! Why historic you ask? The 5B FISH! Philosophers were part of a multi-skypeing adventure with Mr. Culley’s class. This was the first time ever at any of our KS campuses’ that small group skypes were happening simueltaneously. Guess it shows great teamwork! Mahalo to Mrs. Stack, Mr. Culley, and the IT team who made this possible! During the skype, each of our Hui Ola color teams were sharing information on a specific cancer which in turn generated more inquiry questions and it continued on for a great learning experience. The Seniors were well prepared and created beautiful weeblies (see previous post for links to see for yourself!) that our class got excited about. Stay tuned for more updates on what the buddies will be up to next! Join us again as we dive into the 21st century!

Here’s a photo sent to us from Mr. Culley of our Senior “Big Buddies” at Kapālama and one of us “being ourselves!”

Kapālama Big Buddies

Little Buddies of Kea'au

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