8 Replies to “March 30-April 3, 2009”

  1. 1. Google Earth project for Koa Team.
    2. iCan Cafe handout for KES.
    3. KMS AV planning meeting w/ Renee.

  2. 1. Ka Pi’ina BB Training Mtg. with Sylvia and Darrell.

    2. Promethean Board Visit at IAAK.

    3. HS 1:1 Meeting with Lance Tachino

  3. 1. Kulia I Ka Nuʻu Survey-KES Gr.6
    2. PCtoMac Users Mtg-L.Park, Math Dept
    3. AP Japanese Exam-N.Okimoto&ERD

  4. 1. Parallel Testing ChampionChip w/ PE

    2. PE Dropbox discussion w/ Sharonda Giles

    3. PC to MAC Trng. w/ PE Dept.

  5. 1. Flash Training – S. Chan English
    2. ITMD Pilot – Meeting with Tina on Final Document
    3. ITMD Pilot – KES Excel Class Lesson Plan/Handout development

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