6 Replies to “April 13-17, 2009”

  1. 1. Podcast support-T.Gardipee, World History
    2. Meeting w Tina Nakamoto-KES Blog for Technotes
    3. SASI Training Meeting-Mike Thomas

  2. 1. Photoshop training for ITMD project participants.
    2. Begin KMS AV services and documentation.
    3. Create training & handout for KMS iCan Cafe session.

  3. 1. BB Mtg.with Darrell and Melia for Ka Pi’ina

    2. Podcast support for Health sectons

    3. Ka Pi’ina mtg. with CPT on BB

  4. 1. ITMD Pilot – Meetings with Tina and Chandell
    2. ITMD Pilot – KES Intro to Graphics class
    3. Blog help – J. Becket

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