4 Replies to “January 7-11, 2008”

  1. 1. Video training and iMovie demo for KS Scholars.
    2. Video training for grade 6 (Cramer) and grade 5 (Sherrer.)
    3. Documentation template assistance for Ulupono Preschool admin. office.

  2. 1-iMovie training-M.Yamashita, English
    2-EGP/KS Connect-support setup 2nd Semester Gradebook
    3-ClassXP-support posting 1st Semester Grades

  3. 1. ITMD Project – Work on practical working document
    2. ITMD Project – Prepare for KMS MyLearningPlan implementation
    3. HLC Project – Prepare for Pupil Pages and 1 to 1 laptop training

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