3 Replies to “November 26 – 30, 2007”

  1. 1. Screening of KES laptops & servers.
    2. Planning meeting with uniform vendor for orientation DVD.
    3. KS Blog training for teacher Lindell Ohia and “safe blogging” training for gr. 5 students.

  2. 1. MS PPT Training-P.Gillespie, Speech
    2. HS Technology Integration Meeting-A.Kimura, A.Akamu, S.Mauhili
    3. iCan Cafe meeting-M.Kaiwi, Dept. Head, English

  3. 1. ALM Phone Interviews
    2. ICRE Rubric Phone Meeting w/Tina Winters
    3. Prep for KHS Planning Team Visitation to KMS

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