3 Replies to “November 12-16, 2007”

  1. 1. iCan Cafe sessions (one for staff and one for EAs.)
    2. Video conference for JEM Club students with teacher Sheryl Kahue at Buckingham Friends School in Pennsylvania.
    3. Blog training for teachers Sylvie Fields, Moana Leong, and Punahele Pico.

  2. 1. Ed Tech Conference Meeting
    2. ICRE Rubric Feedback Meeting
    3. ICRE Update Meeting w/KMS Admin.

  3. 1. MS PPT training for teachers E. Brennon & S. Cabral, Personal Health
    2. iLife 06 Project Planning meeting with M.Tauvela, Social Studies & C. Hara, MLC
    3. Ed Technology Conference Meeting

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