5 Replies to “November 5-November 9, 2007”

  1. 1. iMovie training for Aki de Leon of the KS scholars program.
    2. Assist with production and video taping of Sandi Tuitele’s 4th grade play at Honolulu Hale.
    3. Assist/train grade 1 teachers on PowerPoint presentation for upcoming conference in New York.

  2. 1. ITMD Meeting with Tina, Randy, Dean and Darrin
    2. TechLiteracy Assessment Proctor Training and Planning
    3. HLC Pupil Pages Pilot Planning

  3. 1. MS PPT Training-Cyr Pakele, HS Counseling Dept.
    2. TechNotes-November 07 issue posted to ETS Blog
    3. Podcasting Training-D.Kim

  4. 1. Student Tech Literacy Assessment Proctor Training and Planning for KMS
    2. ITMD Project Meeting with Tina and Randy
    3. KMS MLP Planning

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