4 Replies to “October 8-12”

  1. 1-KS Blog training-Social Studies (E. Chun, K.Lima, K.Akiu-Wilcox)
    2-Dept Head meetings-G.Fujimoto (MLC) & A.Braffith (Chracter Educ)
    3-Dreamweaver Training-L.Duffy (Science)

  2. 1. HLC Assessment Pilot – Planning meeting with Junko and Abe; Coordinate laptops
    2. MLP Implementation Planning – Ed, Laurie
    3. ITMD – Support Systems meeting & development

  3. 1. Ed Specs Mtgs. – KMS
    2. ICRE Update Mtg.
    3. Repair Service Vendor Mtg. with Apple and ITD

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