4 Replies to “September 17-21”

  1. 1-Quicken Training-ASKS & Student Council Treasurers & Andrew Lai, Class Advisor
    2-iMovie Meeting & Training-Nicholas Ernest, Speech
    3-MS PPT-PE Dept (T. Freitas & Patti Hanson)-Open House Presentation

  2. 1. Mural project mtg. with Beth Taone and Kathy Chock.
    2. iCan Cafe for KES staff.
    3. Grade level mtgs. for KES gr. k, 2, 3, 5, & 6 (presentation of KS Blogs.)

  3. 1. Prepare for ITMD Core Team Mtg. w/ Randy & Tina
    2. Work on Spreadsheet Tutorial
    3. Help ITRTs with eClassroom Assessment

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