2019-20 KES Technology Survey

The purpose of this survey is to determine KES technology program areas of strength, and areas of need. Remember there are no right or wrong answers, just answer as accurately as possible. With the goal of utilizing student devices to support learning, we will use the manaʻo gathered in this survey to inform next steps for our differentiated professional development plan.

Aloha, if you are unable to access the survey within the blog, you can access the survey link here, or in the blogroll on the right.

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Girls Who Code: Our First Iteration

Focus on Strengths:

  • Bravery
  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Purpose

General Lesson Format:

  • Spotlight
  • Plan/Learn/Build/Celebrate
  • Standups

Spotlight Examples:

Culminating Activity:

Girls Who Code Reflection:

  • What we would keep
    • curriculum
    • project
    • number of participants
    • team
  • What we would change
    • time allocated
    • enrollment
    • planning
  • Plans for 2019-20 school year
    • project type
    • schedule

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Breakout EDU

Why Breakout EDU?

  • Engaging and Active
  • Opportunity for Problem Solving (Critical Thinking and Creativity)
  • Encourages teamwork (Collaboration and Communication)
  • Easily integrate content from any subject area
  • Relatively small initial investment

Breakout EDU reminders

  1. Remember to put everything back how you found it.  The room should look exactly the same when you leave.
  2. Be gentle with all of locks and boxes.  
  3. Each clue opens its own lock.
  4. The numbers need to be in the center of the holes.
  5. The first position is near the line (not the Breakout EDU symbol)
  6. You can ask for up to 2 clues. Entire group needs to agree when they will accept a hint.
  7. Your will be given 35 minutes to complete this puzzle.
  8. Good luck!


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Haleakalā to Human Rights

Here are some examples of how nā haumāna and nā kumu are using digital tools at KS Maui Middle School.

Kumu Miki Kapisi, 7th grade science teacher, incorporated the design-thinking process into her science curriculum to solve some of the problems facing Haleakalā National Park.

Video of Class Presentation

Human Rights:
Kumu Peggy Kono, 6th grade social studies teacher, wanted to make the concept of human rights more applicable and understand their personal kuleana in preserving these rights.

The Right to Democracy

The Right to Education


Food and Shelter for All

The Right to Play

Professional Development:
As a part of leadership visits to New Zealand and Australia, we utilized “old school” VoiceThread to capture reflections about our learning.

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Clips for iOS

Welcome to Capture it with Clips!

Clips is a super easy video editing tool created for iOS. Check out this step-by-step guide.

Clip Apps Ultimate Guide by iMore

Create an instructional video
Provide a quick reflection
Tell a story
Interview someone
Provide a quick analysis
Snapshot of the day/field trip/project/etc.

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Storyblocks PD

Here is the presentation for this Storyblocks PD created by Alan Tamayose (KSK ITS @alantamayose)

The link to Storyblocks can also be found in the blog links section.

How to select audio to reflect mood

How to import music clips into iTunes




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iPad Rollout – Nā Kula Kamaliʻi 2017

Aloha!  Thank you so much for attending this session.  We will focus on Remind and Google Calendar and then briefly discuss Class Dojo and Google Keep.




Remind Overview for Teachers

10 ways to use remind

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Overview


Google Keep

Ten Ways to use Google Keep Every Day


Class Dojo

Class Dojo Basics



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Maui Ed Tech

Aloha! Most of the technology integration news and tips will now be housed on our Maui EdTech Team blog. Hope to see you there!

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Strengthening Classroom Communication 2.0

Mahalo nui for attending this session!  While you are waiting for this session to begin please navigate to my blog at http://blogs.ksbe.edu/vabland.

Next, please join our discussion at TodaysMeet.  I would appreciate it if you could add your name, position, school, and twitter handle (or email if you prefer) so that session participants can stay connected beyond today.

Feedback & Formative Assessment

Kahoot!  Go to Kahoot.it and enter pin you see on screen.

Challenge #1:  Form a group of two or three people.  Discuss how you might use Todayʻs Meet and Kahoot in your classroom for three minutes.  At the end of three minutes, add your thoughts to our TodaysMeet backchannel.

Classroom Collaboration

Padlet Discussion


Challenge #2: Think about an existing lesson or unit of yours. Please go to our session Padlet and share how you might use either Padlet or Thinglink to strengthen that lesson/unit.

Communicating Information


Class Messenger

PowToon video demonstrating Class Messenger sign up

Challenge #3: Turn and talk to a neighbor (or two) and discuss which of these web tools you may use in your classroom, and how youʻre planning on using the tool(s).

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