Breakout EDU

Why Breakout EDU?

  • Engaging and Active
  • Opportunity for Problem Solving (Critical Thinking and Creativity)
  • Encourages teamwork (Collaboration and Communication)
  • Easily integrate content from any subject area
  • Relatively small initial investment

Breakout EDU reminders

  1. Remember to put everything back how you found it.  The room should look exactly the same when you leave.
  2. Be gentle with all of locks and boxes.  
  3. Each clue opens its own lock.
  4. The numbers need to be in the center of the holes.
  5. The first position is near the line (not the Breakout EDU symbol)
  6. You can ask for up to 2 clues. Entire group needs to agree when they will accept a hint.
  7. Your will be given 35 minutes to complete this puzzle.
  8. Good luck!


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