Nutrition Note*

Have you had your milk (calcium) today?

We should all have 2-3 servings from the Milk, Cheese, Yogurt Group of the Food Guide Pyramid each day. Your child will be learning about their health and how nutrition is an important part of being healthy. Grades K-2 are using the Food Pyramid to discover and uncover the foods and nutrients needed in their bodies each day.

Calcium is the most abundant body mineral. The skeleton-bones- and teeth pack nearly 99 percent of your calcium. The remaining calcium is found in the bloodstream and soft tissues. Calcium helps control blood pressure and blood clotting along with building strong teeth and bones.

When you’re young, bones thicken and lengthen rapidly, and calcium needs are high. Your bones benefit as the recipients of calcium and other minerals that make them strong.

Recommended Daily Allowance:
-For children, young adults under 25 and breast feeding women it’s 1200 mg daily.
-After 25 for men and women need 800 mg daily

Make a calcium deposit everyday. Encourage your growing child the importance of making those deposits as they grow. Ensure that you and your family get all the calcium you need to live healthy and happy lives.

Tammy Lee
P.E./Health ʻ10

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