Makahiki 2010

E Pā’ani Kākou Makahiki

“Imua ē, imua lā, imua aku nō… resonated from the field fronting Haʻaeamahi on November 19th, 2010. The haumana were excited and in fine form to celebrate Makahiki at our kula haʻahaʻa.

Grades’ three, four, and five students, faculty and support staff came together on this day for Makahiki protocol and friendly competition.  The Makahiki is the culmination of a Hawaiian games and skills unit done throughout October/November in P.E. classes.  The students learn and practice specific Hawaiian games of quiet moods, skill, strength and endurance in preparation for this day each year.

Two and a half hours of ulu maika (stone disk rolling), ʻōʻō ihe (spear sliding), kōnane (Hawaiian checkers), kūkini (foot racing), noʻa ( kapa hiding game) and many more were enjoyed by all.  The ever, exciting pā ‘ume ‘ume or huki huki (tug of war) had all spectators on their feet, cheering and rooting on the teams.  This year we even had the teachers challenge this years’ keiki huki huki championship team in a friendly game of huki huki.  And to no avail Na Kumu reign supreme!

There was a specialness about this day as we learned that early Hawaiians would celebrate and be thankful for not only a day but for about four months during the Makahiki. The Makahiki, signaled by stars and exclusive protocol was a very important part of life and tradition.  We were honored to have a special guest from Kohala, Kealoha Sugiyama, who wanted bring us a special hoʻokupu from his family.  His makana to our keiki were eight sets of stone ulu maika that has been in his family for generations.  No one expected to receive a makana so precious, so profound and priceless.  Kealoha wanted the keiki of Kamehameha to use and enjoy the ulu maika now and for the many years to come.  Mahalo nui, mahalo palena ʻole, Sugiyama Family, Kohala.

Makahiki 2010 was an event to remember, great comradery, friendly competition, cultural protocol and a cool snack to end the school week and reflect as we all prepare to give thanks and be thankful for lifeʻs gifts on Thanksgiving.


Imua E Nā Pōki’i

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