Swimming a Success!


Grades three, four and five have completed their swim unit early this month.  Students learned a great deal this year due to their effort and motivation to learn. I am very proud of all our students and their tenacity to try new skills and kudos to those who went out and practiced on their own. We were able to almost complete levels one, two and three perspectively using the American Red Cross Swim Levels.

I want to give a mahalo nui loa to all my kokua during this swim unit, teachers, E.A.’s, Aunty Julie (Health Room), and my faithful parents. Without you it would not be as successful and safe for our keiki. Again mahalo, mahalo, mahalo….

I encourage all the students to take formal swim lessons throughout their elementary years because not only is it vital to their survival, it opens up a whole new avenue for fitness and recreation in our island home. At Kamehameha, it is a part of our curriculum K-12, and specific requirements in swimming are expected at each grade level.

There are several community options for your child with various dates and times during the year. Some of them may be free and some have a fee. Some options are:

County Aquatics Office:
Kamehameha Swim Club:
University of Hawaii-Hilo Aquatics:

Mahalo nui,

Mrs. Lee

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