Can you make a difference? Will you?

You can make an impactful and positive difference and change in our world, community, and ‘ohana no matter your age. See how a 12-year-old boy, using na‘auao, pono, koa to share his mana‘o influenced major change for the good.   Read the article here.

After you finish the article, share your mana‘o.  Here are some suggestions to start your sharing.  Make connections to your own learning, growth mind-set, kuana‘ike (perspective), koa (courage), na‘auao (wisdom) or kuleana.  What are you feeling?  How does this inspire you?  What are you thinking about this article, about Gideon, or about injustice? Why? 🙂

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20 Responses to Can you make a difference? Will you?

  1. Jaydence5A says:

    This shows courage because he was faced with the thought of he had state why this was a good investment. He stated why it was a good idea and he was successful.

  2. Jaydence5A says:

    This inspired me because he is about the same age as me but he made a big move and it paid off because he was able to state why he wanted this investment. He made his dream come true and made a big difference.

  3. Jaydence5A says:

    I feel like I can do any thing if I put my mind to it and I can make an amazing thing happen for the world or just a single person.

  4. Justin says:

    This connects with koa because he stood up in front of the mayor. We was also wise to make the right decision and stand up for the learning environment and teh money funds for schools. This inspires me because I have to make the right decision and know the right from wrong. I was thinking about Gideon. This was because for a kid to stand up to the mayor is rare. It’s like a kid correcting and arguing with an adult.

  5. Kamele says:

    I’m not sure if I can make a difference, but I will try. I think that it’s unfair to judge a person by how old they are. A fifth grader can have a good idea that people should listen to but don’t just because they are a kid.


  6. Tyler 5A says:

    I feel amazed about Gideon convincing governor Justice that if you put money in schools you get smart people. This makes me think that anything is possible. I am amazed how he actually convinced governor Justice. This article is amazing that he stands up for tourism. He also changed world and he was brave enough to do it.

  7. Kacie says:

    I think Gideon has a growth mindset because he persevered through stating his question and through getting asked questions. Also how Gideon used his na’auao is asking his questions to Gov. justice. And how he was just in 6th grade. What inspires me is that he didn’t care how much people was there, he didn’t express it also he didn’t express how nervous he was.

  8. Kamaka says:

    I liked how people helps others.

  9. ★·.·´¯`·.·★ Seth 5B ★·.·´¯`·.·★ says:

    I liked how the money turned into bigger amount. This was inspiring because it’s like what Jesus did.

  10. Noah P says:

    I liked how the sixth grader cared about tourism. He or she cared about what’s going on in the world.

  11. Reese says:

    I liked how the money turned bigger and how the people helped each other

  12. Leigh-Ann 5B says:

    I like how he was making a change with others.

  13. Landyr's says:

    He was courageous and had great questions.

  14. Talia 5B says:

    The boy Gideon was a smart boy that stood up for himself to the governor. He had the courage to be and good person in the world. He had the wisdom to show people that anybody can do anything. This inspired me because anyone can change the world just like 5B fish wrote a song for Houston, Texas. The made my feel good about myself cause not only adults change the country or state or world anybody can no matter what age you are!

  15. Kauwili says:

    Gideon is int just smart he is awesome outstanding because he made governor justice by saying “if you put money into schools your making smart people and if you have smart people you can make more smart investment”

  16. Jaci Morales says:

    Anyone can make a difference in the world they can be big, or small they can be young or old. Cause people change people and that can change the world.This inspires me that I can also change the world.

  17. Skailey says:

    How this connects to courage is he had the courage to go and to state his opinion and if that was me I would have been scared and I wouldn’t have the courage to go. So he is very brave for what he has done. How this inspires me is to have as much courage as he did and to stand up for the right thing.

  18. Naiya says:

    He had courage because he defended what’s right and he stood tall and fought for what he wanted.

  19. Ethan says:

    He sort of protesting and he’s in 6th grade. He’s not afraid to stand up and talk to a governor. He’s wants the gonvernor to change his mind. He’s convincing the gonvenor to invence in schools.

  20. William 5A says:

    I feel like Gideon was a smart boy. He had a growth mindset because he would think about the big things. He would like to thing about the good stuff. Like when their spring break got canceled. He had a growth mindset and went with the flow.

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