On Eagles Wings

I did watch the Super Bowl, but didn’t cheer on any particular team.  I realize there are hardcore fans of both teams and many other teams that were in the playoffs.  We don’t always agree on which team is the best!  However, we can agree that professional football is a popular sport, lots and lots of people watch it regularly, and many people look up to the famous players.

Watch this video and comment your mana‘o.  What do you think and why?

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33 Responses to On Eagles Wings

  1. Kerilyn 5B says:

    I really love how religious the Eagles are to God. That is technically the main reason why I was voting for them besides the point that they were great players. My favorite part of this vid is when they were praying before their game. That is so cool and I really love how they also got baptized, they wanted to be a new man in Christ. If anything I would want to go to Carson Wentz bible studies because it sounds really god because he really understands God’s ways. Fly Eagles Fly (to heaven)

  2. Justin says:

    I didn’t know that the eagles were one the most religious teams in the NFL. If you trust god and have a go sprit, god will always be with you. God was with them and they succeeded.

  3. Kamaka says:

    I think that the way they thank God for all that he gave them was really awesome because I’ve never seen any other football team thank God for all he gave them. Especially the wins that God lead them too. Thanking God is super important especially when you just became number one in something that the world saw (Super Bowl.)

  4. Jaci Morales says:

    It’s all about accepting Jesus. Wow just wow I just can’t believe it because this video has a very good message about faith how even through the hard times you can make it.

  5. Noah P says:

    I like this video because they all believe that God can do anything. Another reason why I liked his video is because they prayed and prayed and they accomplished their goal. I liked how those guys got baptized because they’re going to have a better relationship with God. They also want to have a better relationship with God. GO Eagles!!!

  6. Dylan 5B says:

    This video explains that before and after the Super Bowl, they all gave credit to god for leading them to victory. They have been going to church a lot, ( Even though it’s not a church ) and shared their feelings during a game.

  7. Talia 5B says:

    I think that this means to always believe in God. No matter how much people think of you believe in God. I also think it means to persevere. How they got baptized by the priest. I think they really believe in God. They have lots of faith in him. I think that’s how they one Super Bowl. They prayed they were having i growth mindset.

  8. Emma 5B says:

    This showed to never brag about winning or take your pride to the next level. But to me this shows that they’re happy to win but they are also praising God too. What mostly stood out to me was when their preacher was baptizing them, and on Saturday’s it’s like their Sunday because they take time to worship and praise God.

  9. Landyr's says:

    What I liked about this video was that no matter how many money and fame they had. They would always believe in Jesus even when your in NFL. They had faith in God and would pray 3 times a week as a team. They even got baptized and they even said without Jesus we wouldn’t be here.

  10. Hiʻilani says:

    Wow! I honestly would never think that they would say that, not in a mean way but that shows how much the have faith in god. It also tells me how much the care and they love god. They also don’t take god for granted. I love this video

  11. ★·.·´¯`·.·★ Seth 5B ★·.·´¯`·.·★ says:

    I think that it is awesome that they put the time into god. I think it’s awesome because not even I did as much as them in church, and their busy like 24/7.

  12. Leigh-Ann 5B says:

    I like how after the eagles won, I like how they thanked god and how God and Jesus helped the Eagles win and give them the faith that they needed.

  13. Kamanawa 5A says:

    The Philadelphia Eagles consider their belief in God is a big role and key element to their success. Their Sundays are taken up by playing football and don’t have time to go to church so they keep their bond with God and use their faith in their football game. Go Eagles!!!

  14. Kayden 5B says:

    I think it’s great that the eagles are not bragging and saying I give this victory to god.

  15. Kyler 5B says:

    I think this means that you should always give thanks to God. Just like how the eagles gave thanks to God for the opportunity he gave them.

  16. Justice says:

    I think that their pilina with god is strong and they won the super bowl because they had confidence that god was with them

  17. Kamele says:

    Wow. That is so deep and faithful. It’s hard to describe because it’s much deeper than the surface. They have stuck with God and Jesus. They find a way to talk to God, even if they can’t go to church.


  18. Ariana says:

    I think the eagles won because god was with them and they were humble. I think that the team was so tight with each other and god that he helped them get as far as they got.

  19. Jaydence5A says:

    I think that their belief in god was so strong that it lead them to victory. They never gave up in their belief in god even though they weren’t the most looked at team.

  20. Adriana says:

    I think that it’s good that football teams are starting to learn god because with out him we wouldn’t be hear and he’s a very important person in are life.

  21. Kauwili says:

    I think that that was awesome. I think that was awesome because I dont think anyother team does that I like how they get baptized and they do it with regular cloths on, they look like they don’t care about there close they care about god Jesus and becoming a new person.

  22. Tyler 5A says:

    The Eagles wouldn’t be at the Super Bowl without God. They believed in God and God gave them the courage to play. They also trusted in God and believed they could win. God also helped them through out the whole game.

  23. Adam 5A says:

    I think the eagles are really good because they all believe in God and that they all worship him.

    P.S: Patriots should have won.

  24. Adam 5A says:

    I think the eagles are really good because they all believe in God and that they all worship him.

    P.S: Patriots should have won.

  25. Ethan says:

    I think this is good because without god they wouldn’t be their. Lots of other teams and players pray to god for example Kirk Cousins. They thank god first. On the field many of these players aren’t like that their very cocky and they brag. But off the field their really good people. It’s just like don’t judge a book by its cover.

  26. Manu 5A says:

    The eagles did not only win because they’re good players they won because they had faith in their god.

  27. Caylee 5B says:

    I think that more teams, not just in the NFL, all teams should pray and be with God. As the Eagles Chaplin was saying that football is a platform not a purpose. God is the main purpose in life and I think many teams have to center them self’s with God because God is the reason they’re there. Without God none of us would be here, God is the reason for all of our accomplishments, successes, and victories. God needs to be thanked and we just need to be foucuse on the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus.

  28. William 5A says:

    I can’t believe that the eagles pray. I thought that they just get on the field and win. It is cool that they eagles give their win and all of their good things to GOD.

  29. Naiya says:

    The eagles believed in God and they had faith and they were courageous.

  30. Braden says:

    Well I think the eagles deserved that.

  31. Taylor 5A says:

    It is showing courage by having faith in them and God

  32. Jhayden says:

    Even though they won, they will always be a member if god

  33. Kacie says:

    I would never thought that the eagles are a spiritual group. God led them to victory and that’s what he would do to a group who calls apon his name.

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