Papa ‘Elima: God’s Kuana’ike (Perspective)

This year we are exploring what God’s kuana’ike is of everyday issues. We are doing this by looking closely at His Word, the Bible.  Look at the graphic above and look up some of the verses that you’re curious about.  What do you notice? How does God’s perspective differ from what we might think? How can knowing this, these verses, or knowing God’s kuana’ike be helpful to you? Answer in the comments.

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94 Responses to Papa ‘Elima: God’s Kuana’ike (Perspective)

  1. Leigh-Ann 5B says:

    To me Gods perspective means that he has a path for everyone and that God already knows what you are going to do in the future. Also he has a plan for everyone. Even though we sin and always make mistakes, God will always forgive and he will always love us too.

  2. Ayvah5B says:

    God is never negative gods perspective is positive in every thing god loves us so much bigger than the world we are never alone even though we think that we are we are actually never alone god is with us all the way throw everything that we go throw he bows what we are going to do today tommorw god news every singal thing.❤️❤️

  3. Dylan 5B says:

    It can be helpful because when you are in any struggle, god can help you. He might not answer you threw voice, but he can always answer threw the Bible. When you have a doubt, he finds a way to bring it back to peace. Like If your mad, god will not tell you to punch the person who made you mad, but forgive and move on.

  4. Hokulani says:

    Kamanawa- yes we should be thankful for that

  5. Lehani5b says:

    Tatiana- I agree with Tati because all the bad and negative things that we say God can always change it and lead us into a better path.

  6. Justice says:

    Kuhao- Yes one way or another he answers with a positive for a positive result

  7. Talia 5B says:

    It is important to everyone because we all have a roll and if you are hiding something from God, he will always know. You should always think before you say or do something because you could do the wrong thing and get in trouble. So you will always have to know that he will always be with you where ever you go. He will also always know when you are doing the wrong thing. I also believe that he will always knows that we all shouldn’t do the wrong thing in this world to make it a better place

  8. Kyler says:

    Tyler: I agree with you because if we believe as Gods kuana’ike then we can believe we can do it. But if we don’t believe in Gods kuana’ike then we’re not going to do it because we do not believe in his thinking.

  9. Kayden 5B says:

    Landyr- I agree with you because god will always love us no matter what we do and he loves us all the same.

  10. Hokulani says:

    Kauwili- yes everyone can do it and never tell yourself you can’t. And “too” is spelt with two O’s.

  11. Caylee 5B says:

    Taylor 5B: I agree. God will always be there for you. His words through the Bible can also help you too.

  12. Mya says:

    God knows what we are going to do before we do it so we shouldn’t do bad things. He also try to make us happy even when we are sad and alone. The most part I think that is good because if u feel alone u will know god is there to support you. God will always love each and everyone of you guys even if u make a mistake or u don’t believe in him his love is ALWAYS MAX. My mom listens to K-LOVE radio and she listens to it because all the other songs talk about depressing stuff most the time and the other times it’s just weird. And it talks about god and its inspirational beacuase it try’s to make people to follow gods lead.

  13. Adam says:

    God is always thinking postitive whereas we don’t always think positive and good.

  14. Hiʻilani says:

    God has a pate for us. He does everything for us. Any negative things god turns it in to a good thing.

  15. Jhayden says:

    Kamanawa: you are very right, god will always have what’s best. why do we have to be thankful?

  16. Braden says:

    Hi’ilani: What do u mean by god went through a lot. Do us mean Jesus?

  17. Ariana says:

    I noticed that god has a different path for everyone and everything. He has different word for everyone to say to each other.

  18. Kamanawa says:

    Landyr: I agree with your mana’o. We are all equal because god made us the same.

  19. Adam says:

    Kauwili: This is true also we can do anything with God if we put our mind to it or if we believe we can.

  20. Braden says:

    Kauwili: I agree with you because god always knows what we can and can not do so if we think we can do something god knows we can.

  21. Adriana says:

    I notice that gods perspective is that we should have a greate way of seeing things or have a positive attitude about things.

  22. Noah says:

    Chandler: I like how you mentioned growth mindset.

  23. Tatiana Dunhour says:

    Justin: I agree with you because god always looks on the positive side while we sometimes look on the negative side.

  24. Justin says:

    Braden: I agree to that because god has the the positive out look of things. Like if you got sick. You would probably think negatively. But the positive out look is that you can watch TV.

  25. Zoe says:

    God knows that I can, but I don’t, he tells me I can, but I don’t listen. I chhose to listen when he shows me all the things that I have accomplished but only then I thank him.
    You only know that you are thinking wrong when someone tells/shows you what you have accomplished in your journey through life.

  26. Kauwili says:

    I agree with you that it’s a good way of looking at things but explain more of why it’s having a growth mindset.

  27. William 5A says:

    Chandler: How does it help you with a Growth Mindset?

  28. Kamele says:

    That is so true. Do you remember that joy picture Kumu Shonnie gave us? JOY stands for
    That relates to yours because you said that you should think of Jesus, others, then yourself.

  29. Kacie says:

    Chandler: yes that’s what I said in mine god has a growth mindset and we have a bad mindset.

  30. Naiya says:

    Skailey:You’re right. I agree we do give excuses for pretty much everything but we need to learn to except that we aren’t perfect and we need to own up to our choices. Every choice you make has consequences and it could be good or bad.

  31. Braden says:

    Chandler: I think the same way as u because this is showing the positive side of things. So it’s showing us how we can have a growth mindset.

  32. Ethan says:

    Kyler: I like your comment because god can help us with anything and if we listen to god we’ll be a better person and have a better life because you’ll know that you helped someone and you know how to help someone.

  33. Taylor 5A says:

    I noticed that our thinking is way more different than God’s because most of the time we don’t believe in ourselves, but God will always believe in us no matter what. For example in class we need to read 9 books each trimester, and sometimes I say I can’t do this, I also say this is way to hard I will not finish this, I hate this. But after I said that I did not believe in myself, but I did finish because God believed that I could do it. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR GOD AND FOR WHAT HE DOES FOR US!

  34. Ariana says:

    Dear Kuhao I liked your response because he can help us with different emotions. He can help us be strong when people put him down.

  35. Noah says:

    Landyr: I like how you were saying that we’re all equal and that we are cared for a lot.

  36. Manu 5A says:

    Tatiana: I agree with you. I agree that gods kuana Ike or prospective helps you look on the bright side of things, he helps you be more optimistic.

  37. Zoe says:

    Kauwili : I agree with you because god is like your BEST FRIEND, he will always be there for you when you feel down, he will always provide his BEST for you, and he always look on the bright side of things.

  38. Tyler 5A says:

    Kyler: I agree with Kyler because Gods perspective is different from ours and it can help us.

  39. Jaci Morales says:

    Keri: I love the mana’o that you said about Gods kuana Ike (perspective) I agree of what you said about “Knowing these verses or knowing God’s perspective can help us” The verses can help us to strive as a students and as a Ohana. Thank you for striving to the point that you are able to say that you need these because you used them in your work.

  40. Braden says:

    William: that’s true because when we have hard times god gives us advice to make it better or he makes it better for us.

  41. Tatiana Dunhour says:

    Justice: I so agree with you because when we know God’s ways it helps us to have a better growth mindset in life and with that better growth mindset we can change our self to become a better person.

  42. Taylor 5A says:

    Kauwili I agree because I always say I can’t do this but Gid knows I can do this. God Job Kauwili!

  43. Jaydence5A says:

    Kamele: Awesome Kamele, this is true because of the way God thinks and the difference between us and him. This is a great message to remember when you are down and sad. Not only do you want to have God to be there you should also want to be one of these to others to make them feel good. This is awesome to remember so don’t forget about this. Good Job!

  44. Chandler says:

    William: I like how you mentioned about God’s perspective

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