Papa ‘Elima: HO’OMAU (Perseverance)


We recently discussed the value of Ho‘omau/Perseverance in class. We had the example of the honu hatching, the movie clip about the football player doing a “bear crawl” into the end zone, and Daniel getting thrown into the lion’s den. All of these examples teach us about what perseverance, not giving up, looks like in action. All year we have been learning to see things from God’s kuana‘ike by looking to the source of His Word, the Bible. We have also discussed how so many things are interdependent/kūkauka‘i with each other.

Please watch the clip below to see how someone’s kūlana was changed because he realized that our good God does not give up on us. After you watch the video, please reflect and answer these questions.

    1. What are you thinking/feeling/wondering about after watching this video?
    2. How is Ho‘omau interdependent with another value that you learned in class this year?

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