4th Grade and the Wisemen

The 4th graders are learning about the Church Seasons this year, and one of the celebratory days in the Christmas Season is Epiphany. It is a time when we celebrate and remember that Jesus’ birth was for all people, when God’s promises became a reality! The haumāna read the story in Matthew 2, and later had the opportunity to experience the gifts the wisemen gave to Jesus. They gave gold, frankincense, and myrrh. All very valuable gifts at that time. Gold is still very valuable today. They also learned that giving their best gift to Jesus isn’t material, but rather it is love. They shared that their love for Jesus can be shown through loving others, being respectful, following God’s commands, and doing the right thing. ‘Ae, so I encourage us all to give our best gift of aloha, genuine aloha!

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