Resurrection Day!


Also known widely as Easter, Resurrection Day, is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s overcoming the world and rising on the third day after His death on the cross.  We might at times sort of overlook this meaningful time of year as we focus around other spring activities.  However, this event in history is what the entirety of Christianity around the world, and for the past 2,000 plus years, is based.  It is the foundation of the Christian faith.  Jesus, the One and only Son of God, died on the cross carrying the sin of every person in the world.  He made a way to come before God and communicate with Him directly. Jesus is the bridge, the way, the truth and the life.  Often people like to lay blame on certain groups for the death of Jesus.  But I like to say that what really put Jesus on the cross was LOVE. It was God’s unending love for us and the immense love of Jesus, and that in reality, it had to happen. It was the ultimate sacrifice. It fulfilled God’s promise.

As we draw closer to Good Friday and Easter Sunday, let us reflect and draw closer to the Lord.  Give thanks for all He has done, and put into action all His teachings.

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