“Ho`omau, a Cat and Queen Ka`ahumanu”

Ho’omau means to persevere, to never give-up or quit.  You’re probably wondering what that has to do with a cat or what the cat has to do with Queen Ka`ahumanu. Well,  the 4th grade classes had a recent lesson on Queen Ka`ahumanu and her ability to ho’omau through very tough times because of her pilina with Jesus.  Huaka Cortez and Jesse James Crivello from Kumu Silva’s class volunteered to copy a picture of a cat by drawing it on their own  paper that was taped to the white board.  After they volunteered they were given a surprise challenge.  The challenge was to do it without using their hands!  At the end of the activity, they were asked to share their mana`o about how they felt or what they thought/experienced.  Jesse said that it was hard to do, but a little easy because we had an example to follow.  Huaka said it was hard too because keeping the pen in her mouth was difficult.  Yet, both never gave up because it was too hard.  They persevered till the end. 

Like life, it can be hard and there will be challenges.  In fact sometimes we have to do things we are not comfortable with or we are not used to, like when Huaka and Jesse had to draw with their mouths.  But,  with Jesus as our “example” to “follow” and our faith in Him, we are able to ho`omau through life’s tough times as Queen Ka`ahumanu did.

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