Grading for Learning

We believe that learning is a process towards the mastery of standards. As students engage in authentic learning tasks and assessments, feedback is provided for self-evaluation and continuous improvement. The results of each studentsʻ learning progress are communicated to parents/guardians with the expectation that learning will be a collaborative effort that continues at home.

Grades are given to communicate information about studentsʻ achievements in school to parents and others. Grades also provide information to students for self-evaluation. Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter to communicate academic progress, timely completion of assignments, and growth in the learning process. Each of these components contribute to the overall grade in each course. Parents and students who have questions about how the evaluation of a course will occur, should ask teachers to clarify.

Grade point average: The student grade point average (GPA) is a weighted, mathematical calculation of academic progress (60%), personal growth in learning (20%), and timely completion of assignments (20%). These components contribute to the overall grade in each course using the following scale: 





Retakes: Retakes will be provided for any assessment that ties to our essential curriculum in alignment with our Philosophy of Learning. In order to retake, the student must reflect on how he/she prepared for the original assessment and describe what will be done differently. A follow-up conversation with the teacher will include: identifying what concepts, skills, and understanding will be retaught (e.g. doing assignments, coming in for help, etc.), agreed upon requirements, and due dates. This reflection and agreement between the student and teacher will be communicated to parents prior to the retake. Retakes are not to be taken for granted. If a student is asking for a retake more than twice a quarter, there may be other problems that need to be addressed (Wormeli, 2016).

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