Dress Code

All students are expected to know and abide by the KMS dress code as stated in the 2017-18 Student & Parent Handbook.

Daily uniforms may be comprised of the following:

  • Uniform collared polo shirt – Available in royal blue, sky (light) blue or white. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Uniform long pants, shorts or skirts (for girls) – Available in navy blue, only and should be worn on the waistline. Waistbands should not be rolled over. Skirts should be no shorter than 4” from the floor, when kneeling. Girls shorts may be either elastic back or Junior Bermuda Navy shorts.
  • Belts – Belts must be worn properly with pants or shorts and visible at all times. No multicolored belts or belts with designs or advertisement.
  • Shoes – Athletic shoes of any color are allowed; shoes must have shoe laces, no VANS or other shoes without laces are allowed. Shoes should be clean and worn as the design intends. Shoe laces must be identical. Shoes laces must be laced and tied properly.
  • Socks – Identical socks of any color. Socks are mandatory with appropriate footwear.
  • Outerwear –Only full (neck to waistband) zipper jacket – any color is permitted OR outerwear sweatshirt/jacket/pullover that is KS-issued (KMS team, KS sports, KS clubs, KS book store). No profanity or inappropriate language or designs are allowed.

IMPORTANT: No uniform may be altered. If a clothing item is not listed in this handbook do not wear it. If you have a question about whether an item of clothing is acceptable, please contact the principal or vice principal’s office.

Grooming & Appearance

  • Boys: Only conventional haircuts are allowed and/or in consult with VP. Hair should be kept neat. The length of a boy’s hair should not touch the top of the collar of a uniform shirt, should not fall over the eyebrows and should not exceed the bottom of the ear lobe. Hair should be of its own natural color. Students whose hair cut or hair color is in question will be sent to the vice principal’s office for a decision. The face is to be clean-shaven.
  • Girls: Hair should be kept neat. Hair should be of its own natural color. Students whose hair cuts or hair color are in question will be sent to the vice principal for a decision.
  • Make up: Wearing makeup is not permitted.
  • Nail polish: Wearing nail polish is not permitted.
  • Jewelry: Girls may only wear stud earrings. Multiple earrings on ear lobes are not allowed. Body piercing of any kind is not allowed. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings to school.
  • Headwear: Hats, beanies, bandanas, visors, sunshades, sunglasses are inappropriate unless authorized for use by the vice principal, including hoods of hooded jackets. Hoods are not to be worn during the school day.
  • Tattoos or scarring: Any form of permanent body marking is not allowed.