DSC01080Aloha and welcome to the Pū‘ulu Lehua blog site. Take a minute to browse around our site to familiarize yourself with some important information. On the right under Blogroll, you will find links to helpful sites at KMS, and below you will find a short description about some of the most commonly used sites.

KS Connect: KS Connect is an online resource for grades, progress reports, registration, and class schedule and is accessible to students, parents, teachers, counselors and administrators. Access to the site requires a KS-issued account and is password protected. Grades are updated every two weeks.

Blackboard: Blackboard (BB) is a web-based classroom management tool. Each core teacher has a BB course and there is also a Pū‘ulu Lehua course. Class agendas, homework, announcements and resources are posted in BB. Handouts, videos, and quizzes can also be pushed to students via BB. Parents have “guest” access to check student assignments. Contact your childʻs teacher for login and password information.

Photo Gallery: Enjoy photos of team activities and events Pū‘ulu Lehua students participate in throughout the year. Reminder, photos are intended for educational and entertainment purposes, and any misuse of photos will result in disciplinary action. No posting or using photos without the permission of the student is allowed. See a teacher if you have any questions.

Google Classroom: (student access only; no parent access) A secure site for teachers and students that is accessed via the user’s KS Google account. Google Classroom allows teachers to create paperless lessons, distribute assignments, send feedback and see everything in one place.

Turnitin: (student access only; no parent access) A web-based tool for submitting assignments electronically. Turnitin provides teachers with an originality report that shows evidence of plagiarism from other student submissions and/or websites. Teacher feedback is given via Turnitin.

Take advantage of all these online resources to help stay informed of assignments and classroom happenings. We look forward to an exciting, productive school year!

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