Planning Documents

AA Planning Map

Using your unofficial transcript available in Infinite Campus, log courses taken and plan future courses needed to ensure you will meet all AA requirements.

View & Download AA Planning Map




4 – Year Plan

Utilize this form in conjunction with the AA Planning Map to see how courses will line up with your KS schedule. Because the sheet will automatically total your credits, be sure to accurately input the # of college credits. Portions of the sheet are locked to protect the formulas.

Class of 2023, 2024, & 2025 – View & Download Plan (Excel)

Class of 2026 – View & Download Plan (Excel)


Preparing for Your Counseling Meeting

Please view the following video before attending your counseling meeting. If you are a current Freshman, view the video on the first tab. If you are a current sophomore, view the video on the second tab.

These short videos will assist you in preparing both your AA Planning Map and 4-Year Plan. Having this partially completed before meeting with your counselor will allow you to make the most of your appointment!


Degree Works Instructions

Degree Works is a portal available to HPU students to track their degree progress. You will be able to see courses taken, semester grades, your HPU GPA and how courses your courses progress to eventually conferring your Associate of Arts Degree.

Link to Instructions


Dual Credit Continuation/Associate of Arts Acknowledgement and Agreement Form

This form is to be completed on KS Connect in the Spring of students’ sophomore year. This form is required for all students who plan to take more than 18 HPU credits.

View & Download Form (Reminder: This is a sample. You will sign your official form on KS Connect when prompted by the DC Office.)